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1958     Establishment in Nea Ionia, Athens of the company DIALINAS Bros, targeting to ferrous and painting colors trading.

1985     The company is renamed to DIALINAS DIONYSIOS of NIKOLAOU.

1990     The company is renamed to DIALINAS EMMANOUIL of DIONISIOU.

1993     The company represents the German firm SCHWANHEIMER INDUSTRIEKLEBER GMBH and TURBO KLEBSTOFTECHNICK GMBH, with Alpha Cyanoacrylate Industrial Adhesives and Sealants in Greece and Cyprus for individuals, amateurs, crafts and industries.

1999     DIALINAS EMMANOUIL company is importing for the first time in Greece, the innovative MS technology. It is about high tech MS Hybrid, bonding and sealing systems of the German company REISS GMBH.

2001     The company is expanding its network of delegations launching its cooperation with German CYBERBOND factory with various CA types.

2008     By completing 50 years of consecutive operation of the company, DIALINAS EMMANUIL of DIONISIOU converted from sole proprietorship into an anonymous society, with distinctive title DIALYNAS S.A. on 25-07-2008. The same year DIALINAS S.A. becomes the exclusive distributor for Greece, Cyprus and the Middle East, and starts its direct cooperation with the Swiss Industry merz + bendeli ag, with more experience and a variety of high tech MS hybrid polymer modified silane adhesives and sealants