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DIALINAS S.A.'s daily operations and strategic planning are based on three values: 



The Research & Development Dpt, with a pivotal operational role, is focused on sourcing innovative, highly quality products, leaders in the global market aiming to enrich the wide range of welding products, insulation and sealing products. 

Our products are divided into three categories: 
• TURBO -D.I.Y. 
• MERBENIT- Industry 
• GOMASTIT- Construction 


Oriented to top quality, we operate en ISO 9001: 2008. Our strong commitment to high performance leads us to select the highest quality products worldwide and to collaborate and represent major foreign labels such as Merbenit and Gomastit. 


The Customer Service Dpt is daily supporting any of the 6,000 customers of DIALINAS S.A. in Greece, Cyprus and the Middle East, with a detailed knowledge of the capabilities of each product. Our staffs are trained to quickly grasp any problem and recommend the ultimate product for each application. 
In addition to their technical expertise, our customers trust is also based on their fast turnaround of orders and quick service. Their quick reaction is possible due to the large stock of products and accessories in our private warehouse and the trusted Distribution Department undertaking the most urgent and difficult missions successfully.